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Surajgarh, a small city in the Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan in India, is an ancient and beautiful town. The literal meaning of the city’s name is ‘The castle of the Sun’. This town is in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Today, Surajgarh is a municipality and a Tehsil. Surajgarh town is the Head Quarters of Surajgarh Tehsil. The Tehsil belongs to Jaipur Division.

Surajgarh was known as ADICHA earlier and the name Surajgarh was derived from the fortified palace. This fort was built by Thakur Surajmal Singh of Bissau around eighteenth century. He was the ruler of the Jhunjhunu. His fort is a tourist palace today. There are manily two parts to Surajgarh and they are Surajgarh Bazar (Old Surajgarh) and Surajgarh Mandi.

Geography of Surajgarh

Surajgarh, with an average elevation of 280 metres, is located at 28.320N 75.730E. The city is located 45 km towards east from Jhunjhunu and 181 km towards south from Jaipur, the State capital. Surajgarh is actually in the border of Bhiwani District and Jhunjhunu District. The Tehsil that bound Surajgarh Tehsil are Chirawa, Pilani, Loharu and Buhana. The nearby cities to Surajgarh are Jhunjhunu, Rajgarh, Churu, Pilani and Mahendragarh. The surrounding villages of Surajgarh are Kajra (3.6 km), Kakoda (5.7 km), Jakhod (7.1 km), Dulania (10.1 km), Bhagina (7.4 km) and Khudania (18.2 km).

Climate of Surajgarh

Surajgarh generally has a very harsh and extreme climatic condition. The temperature here ranges to 500 during summer season that accompanies with hot waves of air called loo. The monsoon season is during the months of July and mid September with a rainfall of around 450 to 600 mm. The winter season in Surajgarh is cooler, but dry with a temperature that range between 10.50 C and 300 C. The best time to visit Surajgarh is from October to March, as the temperature remains moderate during this season.

Tourism in Surajgarh

About Surajgarh

Surajgarh is a place of majesty, elegance and royalty. It has a strong historical background. The city is considered as the place of several forts and palaces. Suraj Fort, which was constructed by Thakur Suraj Mal in 1780 is the main attraction of the city. The fort offered employment to the people from nearby villages as well as a safe sanctuary from invading armies and marauding bandits. Shekhawati is famous as an open air art gallery and Surajgarh boasts of many havelis.

Camer cart or walking tours are arranged to the havelis. Tourists enjoy camel rides siting on the top of the camer or from the cart through the countryside. Laak bangles and souvenirs such as traditional ware and puppets are the major shopping items in Surajgarh that has demand across the country. There is a very old and huge water-body in Surajgarh that is surrounded by concrete boundary and a temple nearby. Khetri Fort, Havelis at Kajra and Birla Museum of Science & Technology are the other tourist attractions near to Surajgarh city.

Administration in Surajgarh

Surajgarh Assembly Constituency is one of the assembly constituencies of Rajasthan Legislative assembly and it covers the Buhana tehsil and parts of Chirawa Tehsil that include Baloda, Berla, Bhaothari, Jakhod, Kidwana, Kakora, Lotiya, Lakhoo, Mahpalwas and Surajgarh Municipal Board. The sitting MLA of Surajgarh assembly constituency is Shrawan Kumar from Indian National Congress. The place is included in Jhujhunu parliamentary constituency, which is one of 25 Lok Sabha constituencies of Rajasthan State. The sitting MP in this constituency is Santosh Ahlawat, who belongs to Bharatiya Janatha Party.
  • Surajgarh Nagar Palika: 01596 237463
  • Surajgarh Panchayat Samiti: 01596 237443

Accommodation Options in Surajgarh

Surajgarh Fort
The historically important Surajgarh Fort is now the best option for comfortable and luxurious stay in Surajgarh. It has 5 deluxe and 4 standard suites, 8 deluxe and 4 standard rooms with all facilities like television, air conditioning, bathrooms etc. 30 seater conference hall with Wi-Fi facilities, traditional sit down chowki dinner in the courtyards, puppet shows, Rajasthani folk performers are the other specialties here.

Social Service Organizations in Surajgarh

Nav Youvak Mitra Mandal Samiti Surajgarh
Nav Youvak Mitra Mandal Samiti Surajgarh is a famous NGO functioning in Surajgarh that involves in various issues such as art & culture, Education & Literacy, health & Family welfare, Legal Awarenes & Aid, Information & Communication technology, Rural development & Poverty Allevation, Women’s development & Empowerment, Sports, Youth Affairs etc.
Address: Nav Youvak Mitra Mandal Samiti,
Surajgarh, Jhunjhunu District, Rajasthan, 333029
Phone number: 01596 238595, 9549660000, 9414542264

Sharthi Sansthan
Phone number: 01596 237679
Email ID: navyouvakmitramandalsamiti@gmail.com

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