Transport Facilities in Surajgarh

Surajgarh, even though a small city in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan State, it is well connected to all other major cities of the state and the country through all transportation networks. So, reaching Surajgarh is not a big issue. You can choose rail, road or airway to reach here depending on your convenience, budget and distance from your starting point.

Traveling Surajgarh By Air

If you want a comfortable as well as rapid trip, air conveys is the best option. Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is just 182 km from Surajgarh is the nearest airport to the city. Jaipur International airport is also located just 220 km away from Surajgarh. Safdarjung Airport is 147.2 km away from the city. Many of the major air services like Air India, Jet Airways have flight services to and from these airports. People choose any of these airports to reach Surajgarh depending on their starting destination. Luxury taxi and van are available for hire from all the airports to Surajgarh.

Traveling Surajgarh By rail

Railway is the most common mode of transportation in India. Common people mainly depend on trains to reach Surajgarh, as it is easily available and affordable. Surajgarh railway station, which is just 1.4 km away from the city, connects Surajgarh with other places of Rajasthan. This station belongs to North Western Railway, Jaipur. Surajgarh railway station is under expansion process by converting from meter gauge to broad gauge. Other nearby railway stations to Surajgarh are the following.

Transport facilities in Surajgarh

  • Chirawa railway station: 16 km
  • Pilani Railway station: 22 km
  • Loharu Railway station: 17 km
  • Bhavdhari Railway station: 7 km
  • Chudawa Railway station: 13.2 km
  • Charawan Railway station: 13.2 km
Several passenger trains and express trains are running from these stations that connect Surajgarh with other railway stations in Rajasthan.

Rohtak Junction Railway station in Delhi, which is 117 km near to Surajgarh, is the major railway station that connects maximum number of main stations in India. People from the cities outside Rajasthan mainly depend on this station to reach Surajgarh. Tourists can hire a taxi from here for a comfortable travel to Surajgarh.

Traveling Surajgarh By Road

As a result of a well developed and maintained road network, Surajgarh is well connected with other important destinations of Rajasthan state. Rajasthan State Transport Company provides bus services in all these bus routes at affordable rates making traveling of the people convenient. Besides, many private bus service operators like Neeraj Travels, Krishna Bus service, Choudhary Travel Company, Amit Travells, V K Jain Maarwar Travels etc also run AC, Non AC, sleeper and semi-sleeper buses from other cities of the country to Surajgarh.

Local transportation: For local transportation in Surajgarh, you can hire a luxury car or van to travel. Even though it is a little expensive, you can experience an enjoyable and comfortable journey watching the scenic beauty of Rajasthan.

Distance from important cities to Surajgarh

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